WurlD, Oxlade Perform at Tiger Street Food Festival


Music meets gastronomic experiences at the recent Tiger Beer Street Food Festival in Abuja.

The event saw the artistes performed to a large crowd who convened at the venue to sample the sumptuous and mouth-watering grills and finger foods on display by top Abuja-based food vendors like Chopsbymayy, Splurgeon foods by the Chef Lin, Egrills and Boli, 876 Jam Rock Grill, The Junkyard, Vhorgers Burgers and Yum while enjoying the refreshing taste of ice-cold Tiger beer.

GFX and graffiti artist Osa Seven was also on ground to add colourful flavour to the festival with his graffiti and neon paintings.

“The Tiger Beer brand is helping local food and drinks outlets to tide over these difficult times. Many of them had been forced out of business during the lockdown. Therefore, the Tiger Street Food Festival is our own way of supporting our street food market and creatives to generate more cash and keep their business afloat while still observing the social distancing regulations,” said Tiger Beer Brand Manager, Chinwe Greg-Egu.

Tiger beer has, since its launch in Nigeria, resonated with myriads of creatives who are changing the world with their passion. Artists, chefs, designers, artistes and entrepreneurs who dare to pursue their passions by making impacts with their clear-cut bravery share this uncaged spirit that is an embedded quality of the brand.