Palace of the Oneh-Eh Nchia X, Egbere Emere Okori Appoints New Chief of Staff

By Mary Nnah

The Palace of the Oneh-Eh Nchia X and Egbere Emere Okori of Eleme Kingdom has announced the appointment of a new Chief of Staff in the person of Chief Deacon Ngei Isaac Chu.

Until his appointment, Chief Chu was the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Palace.

Chief Chu replaces Hon. Sunny W. Ogbu, whose replacement was necessitated by his role as Secretary of Eleme Local Government Council.

A press release signed by Leti Momoh, the Personal Secretary to the Oneh-Eh Nchia X and Egbere Emere Okoriof Eleme Kingdom, stated, “The Palace is aware that Hon. Ogbu had been carrying on a precarious juggling act trying to balance his duties to the Local Government Council and his role as a principal officer of the Palace.”

Consequently, in order not to hinder his aspirations and opportunities for growth in his chosen career, the Palace deems it necessary to relieve him of the extraneous burden of Chief of Staff.

The press release stated further that the Palace is convinced that loftier heights and greater opportunities to serve the people of Eleme and Nigerians in general await the outgoing Chief of Staff.

In the course of his meritorious service to the Palace, Hon. Ogbu distinguished himself as hardworking, dedicated to excellence, capable in the discharge of his duties and forthright in his dealings – these are qualities sorely needed by all who aspire to leadership in our great country.

While appreciating Ogbu for his invaluable service as Chief of Staff, assuring him of the sanctity of his personal relationship with the Palace and wishing him well in his future endeavours, the Palace urges the general public to take note of this change and henceforth address all correspondence through the new Chief of Staff, Chief Deacon Ngei Isaac Chu.

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