Perfume Studio Unveiled in Lagos


Sunday Ehigiator

Seinde’s Signature, a fragrance company in Nigeria has launched an experience studio in Lagos State.

Speaking with THISDAY, the Chairman, Seinde’s Signature, Olufemi Olusola said the studio idea was born out of his passion and love for fragrance and nice smells.

“I didn’t just come up with the idea I grew it, because I have all these perfumes and people come around to the house begging to see them, it got to a point where I found the need to create a place for them that they can come experience and buy.

“I used to have a lot of perfumes, now is even better I have a license to buy before I used to hide it from my wife, she shouldn’t see I’m buying so much but now that the whole thing is bigger than myself. It makes me feel good.

“The perfume industry in Nigeria lack knowledge, there is a lot that they do not understand, we have a lot of fakes in Nigeria because people don’t know how perfumes moves or what happens they just think they are smelling, and sometimes they are smelling to themselves.

“For instance if you use a perfume oil, you will smell it but nobody else will smell it because you don’t have alcohol to make it project so the third party is not going to smell it. And most of them are not original.

“Perfume market in Nigeria is like an exploitation in a way because people selling perfumes are struggling for them to get a deal with any manufacturer they have to sign millions of dollars contracts over a period of time so it not about what the consumer want but they have to deliver to the manufacturer.

“But with this idea things will definitely change because people can smell what they want to buy and then purchase.” he said.

Also speaking, the Founder, Catherine Omai Fragrance, Catherine Omai, said: “I think that Seinde Signature has created a special experience and service here for fragrance lovers and people that appreciate the world of perfumery in Nigeria.

“He is a goal-getter and he has been able to bring into Lagos a studio where you can come and experience niche perfumes.

“There are certain fragrances that are not actually sold here in Nigeria that people are not aware of or they know but have not experienced it before because they are rather expensive fragrances but Seinde Signature has bridged that gap for fragrance love to experience this perfumes before they purchase them.

Similarly, a perfumer lover Tope Olapoju, described the studio as an amazing experience, saying it was very good to know the content of what you want before purchasing it; an advantage the studio had just provided fragrance lovers with.