I have been running around Lagos calling people madmen. Funnily enough, everybody, I have called mad except my bro (I will not call his name o before he change him mind about sponsoring my play). In fact, some people have been secretly calling me and asking why I have not proclaimed them madmen in public. I say come on go and sit down, you think the madness is for everybody. It is only for a select few who are making a difference. This is exactly what this my brother is doing in the streaming space. His Ogelle has continued to grow in leaps and bounds garnering over 30,000 African-based content while hitting one million views and catching the attention of high-profile American investors.

The projections that I have seen show a whopping five million views and estimated projected revenue in excess of $20m. A figure larger than the budget of some states. This is really a mad turn. Osita, a UK-trained lawyer, has built the largest aggregator of African entertainment content anywhere in the world and is headed towards a listing on an international stock exchange. The rest of us will be waiting for the sleeping government and be blaming Buhari for everything including loss of erection. Things are happening. This is the dawn of the followers, no longer leaders. Bro, well done.