Herders Leading Livestock to Farmlands, Intolerable, Says KACRAN

Cattle Market

Michael Olugbode in Abuja

A group, Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN), has condemned as intolerable the action by some herders, who frequently lead their livestock to graze on farmlands, and subsequently taking up arms against farmers.

A statement issued by its National President, Hon. Khalil Bello, said the association, which though was specifically registered with a strong view to reclaimed all encroached grazing reserves/blocked cattle routes and ensure justice and fairness for all, most especially between farmers and herders, as well as bring permanent peace and stability in Nigeria and West African sub-region, cannot just look the other way when the herders are involved in lawlessness.

Bello said: “KACRAN condemns in strong terms the repugnant manner which herders invade and aimlessly destroy farms by trespassing into farmlands with their livestock, thereby making it impossible for farmers to complete the ongoing harvest of their farm produce.”

“We made the aforementioned bold statement for the fact that the National Secretariat of this great association has received numerous, unfortunate and disturbing reports from farmers across the country, that in many instances, when farmers are trying to protect their farms from destruction by herders animals, some herders shamefully inflict wounds or even go to the extent of killing some of them innocently.

“At the same time, we want our herders to know that Nigeria is either a stateless or lawless country where people will do what they want and get away with it without being punished by the stipulated laws made to regulate or punish the offenders.”

Bello added that: “KACRAN further considered this wanton act of intentional destruction of people’s source of livelihood at this time when the country is facing the danger of food insecurity due to the natural flood which washed away thousands of farmlands, as subversive act against the country with a wicked intention to plunge Nigerian into acute shortage of food, and such will not be tolerated.”

He warned that: “We also want them to know that there is no reason for any association headed by visionary leaders, who want good for the country and its citizens, to accept and promote this kind of brutal and senseless behaviour.

“Similarly, we want them to be fully aware that the ugly consequence and the nemesis of this condemnable act will soon consume them if they continue with it, because apart from food shortage that their action will bring about in the country, it would definitely add insult to injury by sky rocketing the prices of all essential commodities and make them unaffordable to the ordinary Nigerians, including the herders.”