Segun Opeke Becomes Leading Light in Nigeria’s Banking Sector


Polaris Bank is preparing to start off 2021 with a bang by banding together its A-list personnel. The first was Innocent Ike, who assumed the seat of acting MD/CEO in September 2020. Now, Segun Opeke is holding down the fort as an executive director. Evidently, the management of Polaris Bank has its eye set on the frontlines of the banking sector, and who better to accomplish this but the best of the best?

The appointment of Segun Opeke was reportedly unanimously approved by Polaris’ board of directors and the supervisory Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON). This selection does not only reflect the ambition of the bank to reach new heights, but also the proper employment of such talents as Segun Opeke’s.

With almost three decades of active banking experience, Segun Opeke is more than qualified for the position. Besides, Opeke has been directly involved in Polaris’ affairs since 2006 (while it was still Skye Bank), serving in various capacities as treasurer and regional director for Victoria Island and Ikoyi sub-divisions; group head for corporate banking, aviation, and maritime group; and as the directorate head in Lagos business (from 2016).

As one would expect, Segun Opeke carries a head of business and finance on his shoulders. With a B.Sc. (in Banking and Finance), an MBA from the University of Lagos, endorsements and certifications from Columbia Business School (New York), INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France), and Euromoney School of Trade Finance, Opeke has made enough significant contributions to Polaris Bank (especially in the areas of corporate finance and restructuring, and digital advancement/acclimatisation) to be recognised as a pillar of Polaris and Nigeria’s banking sector.

All eyes, with sky-high expectations, are locked on Segun Opeke at the moment. The question on the minds of investors and informed customers of Polaris is whether or not Opeke will reproduce the same progressive developments he implemented at the Lagos Directorate in 2019. His options are to redo his records or outdo them. No pressure.