It’s Time to Engage Mercenaries


The current state of security in the country is a major source of worry for every well-meaning Nigerian and their friends. With insurgency still blossoming in the North, a situation exacerbated by banditry and kidnapping in other parts of the country, last week’s murder of over 43 farmers in Borno State, directly addresses the vulnerability of the nation’s security architecture.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Nigeria’s promising military officers, many of them very young, have continued to die in the hands of insurgents, who are fighting unconventional war with the state. Not only have the ranks of the Nigerian military been decimated, these patriotic men are already demoralised.

Thus, with the fight against terrorism now alleged to be a booming industry, scaled up by the avalanche of moles amongst the patriotic soldiers, it is becoming increasingly difficult if not outright impossible to win the war with the regular men of the armed forces. This is why the use of mercenaries, who not only understand the ways of the insurgents but also their modus operandi, is the way to go.

If the country still desires to preserve his men, then, engaging mercenaries is the ultimate goal now. It worked in the twilight of the Goodluck Jonathan administration. It can still work. After all, it was President Muhammadu Buhari, who disengaged them without reason. Governor Babagana Zulum was right on the need for this!