Igho Sanomi’s Good Example

Igho Sanomi

Leaving aside funds and fortune, true philanthropy requires very little: a compassionate, understanding heart, quick to open, to embrace, and to share. This is the heart of Igho Sanomi the philanthropist, open and embracing, and something to shout about.

With 2020 drawing to a happy and hopeful close, folks have begun to collect their harvests, stockpiling them ahead of the New Year. But a few (and here we find Igho Charles Sanomi) find equal satisfaction in blessing and building others. In the case of our query, Igho Sanomi, this attitude is canonical in the literal sense.

A report on religious and social development has listed Igho Sanomi as a leading figure in the Nigerian Roman Catholic Church, a ‘son of consolation’ —as such champions are called. According to the article, Sanomi’s foundation (Dickens Sanomi Foundation (DSF)) is presently in charge of building three pastoral structures for the Delta Catholic Church: two parishes in Orere and Arhavbavien (villages in Delta State) and a Bishop Court in Ughelli.

This report has begun to win the interests and approval of folks, not because Sanomi’s philanthropy is a new thing, but because it is a continuing thing. After all, the Taleveras founder reportedly recently assisted in the building of a 500-seat state-of-the-art Catholic Church parish in Mariga (Niger State), complete with basic amenities (a borehole and an alternative energy source) for the simple folks who had no clean water or electricity prior). Thus, Igho Sanomi’s new gesture is welcome everywhere.

While Igho Sanomi has described his philanthropic work as genuine and free of ulterior motives, even the global head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has recognised his contributions and applauded them. This is how Igho Sanomi came to be a recipient of a papal medal.

But what about the others? What about Sanomi helping to raise $1.5 million (about N571.5 million for the Bobby Moore Fund and bowel cancer research? What about his sponsoring the care and spinal surgery for nine-year-old Ali Ahmadu, a victim of Boko Haram? Awards and medals and recommendations can only go so far. Open hands evolve from open hearts, and Igho Sanomi’s heart and hands are extra-large and altogether agreeable.