Another #EndSARS Protest?


The federal government, last week, said it would treat a fresh #EndSARS protest as an attempt at regime change. That would mean treason. The news followed alleged moves by some persons to reenact the October protest.

Unfortunately, even the dumbest of governments would not entertain any more of such indulgence under the guise of protests and a demand for legitimate right. The pain, anger, destruction, killings and anguish left on the trail of the initial protest is unlikely to go away for some time.

Suddenly, some people are planning to initiate a fresh protest? Demanding what now? Despite the destruction brought upon the nation in the wake of the October #EndSARS protest, government is still looking into the demands of the youths, including setting up a panel of inquiry to unravel some of the things that happened before, during and after the protest.

Therefore, a fresh protest would be both insensitive and insensate. Government might be right to treat any such movement as an attempt at regime change and would be justified. The inability of the youth to know when to stop and unable to make good capital from the protest should not be blamed on anyone else but their lack of coordination and failure to seek counsel. They should blame no one for their lack of tact and should be prepared to face the consequences of their choices, going forward.