Traidmarc Releases ‘Epilogue’


By Tosin Clegg

McDonald Emiantor popularly known as Traidmarc just released a 24-tracks album entitled, ‘Epilogue’. He could trace his journey into rap from growing up listening to hip hop music from the electrifying, Tupac. PAC’s influence paved in a lot of him as he gently glided into hip hop and soared onwards.

Talking about his album he said: “The ‘Epilogue’ with 24 tracks is a masterpiece, a class act. I say that with all confidence because of the amount of work that went into that. I have a decade worth of experience that has come into the ‘Epilogue.’ Everything about the ‘Epilogue’ has been my story, my journey. I write about the things I go through. I don’t like writing fictional work. I write factual work.

My songs are not gangstar stuff, kill you, shoot you, bang, bang, boom, boom, boom – no. My music is about my lifestyle and how I live my life as a boss.

“Everything I have been through from when I was homeless, being kicked out, moving from place to place, having nowhere to stay, trying to figure out how to make my booths straight because I got bills to pay. I got introduced to Tony who gave me my first weight.”

Traidmarc is hopeful that his music would gradually settle into the Nigeria market and earn him a spot to explore and grow fans’ base. “I already have a lot of fans in Nigeria.

My music is out there popping. My fans in Nigeria love it. Shout out to all my fans in Nigeria. You guys know you are the reason we are doing what we are doing, putting Nigeria on the map.

I want the rest of the world to know that great talents can come out of Nigeria.

We went viral way back in 2011. Numbers don’t lie.

All my fans in Nigeria can relate to the boss life that I am now living. They love me and I love them likewise.”