It is becoming clearer that self-medication is more pronounced among persons living with hearing-impairment. Some of the affected persons, mostly young ones, are not just seriously damaging their ears with modern gadgets, they are abusing drugs. Regrettably, the ugly trend is fueled by medical experts, claiming to treat every type of ailment.

The reality is that some hearing-impaired persons cannot be completely blamed for resorting to self-medication. It is truly not very easy, living with persistent shame especially being shouted upon at any given time. In short, some of them that could not properly fit into approved social circle or carry out certain functions have reached the point of possibly considering suicide.

It however needs to be specially stressed that some hearing-impaired persons can handle any human task. It is equally certain that they can actively and effectively contribute their quota towards effective nation-building, if they are fully aided. The greatest impediment is just procuring a perfect hearing aid which is not only very costly but clearly beyond the reach of several indigent Nigerians.

Meanwhile, it is highly commendable that several individuals and organisations are seriously addressing the issue of stigmatization against persons with disabilities in Nigeria. This is equally the best time to devote the same attention to increasing cases of hearing loss. Please, let us collectively help indigent Nigerians in tackling hearing-impairment and making it history like the once dreaded wild poliovirus.

Sunday Odiaka, Lagos