More Recognition for UK-based Real Estate Mogul, Yomi Edun


Yemi Edun, Chairman/CEO, Daniel Ford, can be likened to a goldfish that has no
hiding place.

Enterprising and mercurial Yemi, a well-heeled UK-based top notch real estate and
property business mogul, was recently honoured with the award of ‘British Most
Influential Person,’ arguably one of the biggest and most prestigious awards in
Queensland and the entire United Kingdom. The award was bestowed on him in
recognition of his hard work, diligence, meticulousness, industry and service to

The London property expert and acquisition agent is today one of the UK’s most
influential black people in The Powerlist 2021.

Other notable achievers, who were also awarded on the occasion, are Michael Coel,
Kevin Fenton, Richard Iferenta, Edward Enniful, David Olusoga, Stormzy, Lewis
Hamilton, Jacqueline Mckenzine, Donna Kinnair and Afua Hirsch, among others.

According to an interview by CNBC Africa, Yemi Edun says more Nigerian and non-
Nigerian banks are offering mortgage services to Nigerians in London.

For Nigerian investors looking to diversify their portfolio into the UK property market,
now is a great time to do so. UK property investment experts RWinvest have noticed
a rise in international investors looking to secure buy to let investments in leading
cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester. Despite all the politics, Brexit,
and the effects of the global pandemic, the UK property market is still thriving.