Animashaun Martini: How to Survive and Stay Relevant in the Entertainment Industry

Tinimash Entertainment CEO, Animashaun Martini believes the Nigerian music industry no doubt, is regarded as Africa’s most popular and most viable music industry, but for the poor sustainability of most recording labels, it is regarded as a developing industry. And only a few labels have defied the odds and stood the test of time. His Entertainment outfit is a dynamic entertainment platform with focus on talent hunt and promotion, artiste management, recording, and events management.

Speaking on his company’s sustenance despite, the challenges confronting the industry, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Animashaun Martini pointed consistency, flexibility and perseverance as some values that have been key to the brand’s longevity. Stating that, “I have learnt to be consistent, flexible and persevering over the years. These are important values for someone who has set his sight on achieving big things. You must have it in mind that you’re building a legacy. Perseverance and consistency will help you to survive the test of time. To thrive in this digital generation, flexibility and adaptability are greatly required. You have to give it your all and be flexible enough to change.”

The label executive notes that with the music landscape is constantly evolving, especially in the face of digital technologies, hitting the limelight is now easier for artistes, as the digital space has provided a leveled playing ground.
“I call the digital space a saving grace for the entertainment industry because it has been a positive catalyst to the progress of the entertainment crafts. You don’t need to go to a radio or TV station to advertise your work.’’

Narrating how his interest grew from working on computers, the entertainment guru said: “if not for digitisation, I wouldn’t have pictured myself as an actor. I’d have been a programmer and entertainment executive but when things changed and the industry ushered in a new trend, which is the digital space, I realised I had an edge. Apart from being an entertainment executive, Martini has also delved into acting, movie making and digital marketing.

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