….Egbe Rallies Support for Under-fire Rohr


Stadium facility expert and CEO of Monimichelle Limited, Ebi Egbe, has rallied support for the under-fire Super Eagles Head Coach, Gernot Rohr.

Egbe whose outfit has been credited with constructing some of the best football turfs in Nigerian stadiums insisted at the weekend that Super Eagles would surely bounce back after the two draws with Sierra Leone in Benin City and Freetown respectively.

“Super Eagles is our team and to be honest, I think we have a very good team made up of good players,” Egbe explained. “I make bold to say that the Super Eagles will do very well at the next Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon and they can lift that cup because we have the players.

“What we have presently in the Super Eagles are refined players and many of them grew up training and playing under smooth surfaces and as we all know, the AFCON pitches are always refined tournament pitches which do not outlive the tournament for which they are constructed… I think we are going to see the best of our team in Cameroon,” stressed the stadium facility expert.

Egbe who is handling renovation of numerous playing facilities around the country at the moment, insisted that German coach, Gernot Rohr should be supported rather than constant bashing of the team when things go awry,

adding the Super Eagles cannot do well without the support of all and sundry.

“ I don’t think the coach (Gernot Rohr) is bad. We have to give him the necessary tools in order for him to succeed because he can’t do it alone; and that I think is the honest truth. He can’t succeed alone; most people might not really understand when I dwelled on the fact that we have ‘refined players’ and because of their up-bringing, we just need to give them refined pitches to play upon.”

Egbe stressed that Sierra Leone did their homework on our players, hence they took them to the “rice field” in Freetown where no player can play to his full potentials.

“I repeat that we need not to make our players struggle in home and away games. At home, our boys should enjoy the luxury of playing on the kind of pitches they play on out there in Europe and this is why I m clamoring for Nigeria to have world-class pitches…pitches with zero undulation and lush green.”

Egbe re-echoed the vision of his outfit which is the eradication of bad pitches not just in Nigeria but in the entire African continent.