Improving My Value Offerings Stands me in the Industry, Says Workman

By Ugo Aliogo

“I differentiate myself from the competition by providing an immeasurably higher level of value than anyone else in the business consulting industry,” Natalie Workman said when asked to describe what differentiates her from her competition in the consulting industry.

The road to recognising her value was not always plain sailing for Workman as she came into the industry as a young woman in her early 20s and had to navigate the landmines of age. “Very early in my career, I felt I was put in situations that I was not ready for,” she hinted. “Most of the business interactions in my early 20s were around very high level conversations with people who were extremely experienced and knowledgeable in their fields. I didn’t know how to handle dinner conversations. I didn’t understand half of what was being talked about, whether it was a transaction on a business, or strategic growth initiatives, or team management. I lost all of my confidence. I lost my confidence in my ability to articulate my thoughts. I lost confidence in my ability to show up as myself.”

Thinking past her age and the mental barrier it presented while putting all her effort into showing her capabilities are how Natalie was able to get her confidence back. “Through each conference call, webinar, podcast, and recording training course, I am changing the lives and families of American and international business owners, their employees, and even their customers,” Natalie remarked. “This same motivation is what drives me to get out of my comfort zone, expand my belief lid, and daily push myself to 10X my life and the lives of those around me.”

She affirmed: “I became an asset by acknowledging what I didn’t know, by identifying very clearly what it is that I didn’t know, and by finding the people or the resources that did know. Becoming an asset is a process that evolves. As I grew and ascended, I realized how much more I don’t know and how much more I need to know.”

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