It is unfortunate to have dishonest people in the power sector and by extension, in leadership positions in Nigeria. No matter the protest and the demonstration of anger against their evil, they must always find another way to loot, steal, extort, scam and even kill. What a country! Before now, Nigerians had cried out against the estimated billing imposed on them by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company and other electricity distribution companies in Nigeria. It was indeed an act of stealing, extortion and simply evil that needed to be killed to prevent its escalation.

Now, the electricity distribution companies, especially the AEDC is giving metres to her customers, and even to those who can’t afford to buy. The officials of the AEDC are going around Abuja, installing metres in houses and claimed they are doing so to ensure people pay for only the electricity they consume. Therefore, one may think it is a welcome development, but this is a planned and a systematic way of aggravating the initial cheating and extortion.

It will interest you to know that a recharge of N5,100 lasts for only one to two weeks, even when you avoid the use of heater, pressing iron and other appliances that consume much electricity. However, in a situation where after recharging with that amount, a heater, air conditioner and related appliances are used, the one or two weeks are reduced to only two or three days.

Why can’t those in positions of leadership and authority in the country for once do something that would put smile on the faces of Nigerians? Why can’t they do something that will be devoid of corruption, something that will alleviate the suffering of the masses, something that will be a sacrifice for the people, something that will make people applaud them, something that will bring joy, peace and celebration?

We must again rise in unity and condemn what is going-on in the power sector.

Awunah Pius Terwase