This thing is making me laugh. It is just like June 12 annulment saga. The man did not annul but instead he say he no gree. This fundamental error is where he should have come here to learn the tricks. As you see the vote counting dey go one side, you immediately dissolve the electoral committee, give the chairman chieftaincy title and send am to Obudu Cattle Ranch for vacation and set up a transition committee, extend your tenure till when you are sure the environment is favourable. From what I am seeing it’s like one retired election official for Nigeria that win visa lottery is advising him and he is not advising him well. The format is eerily alike o.

First the Supreme Court for their side has a supportive nominee appointed months before election, then he don sack Defense Secretary and put cronies in strategic places in the Pentagon and then move in with major PR offensive on voter fraud trying to taint the process. He has also issued instructions to agencies not to cooperate with the transition team and to immediately commence work on next year’s budget. This man don read some Nigerian politician’s biography. Crazily funny.

Please Mr. Trump kindly just, ‘get the hell out of the place’ that is how you people say it abi? The people have spoken and that is all that matters. Just go.