#EndSars – We’re Not Listening


Shebi we don’t like to hear word? We will be running around like headless chickens in a rabid bid for childish revenge. Me, I have turned my back, I no dey even read anything concerning the matter again. From labelling them terrorists, freezing accounts, taking the people to court up to the ICC. One lawyer don even carry Femi Falana go ICC. My own is simple: since we are freezing accounts, please there is one bank that say I am owing them o.

I have paid principal and the original interest finish but the account is still reading interest upon interest, who can I contact in charge of freezing accounts so they can add that my own make dem freeze am too, since they don’t want to have common sense?

I have said there should be no victor or vanquished in this matter. Police brutality was a real fact of life in this country. No real adult including the writer that has not had an encounter, so up to that point the protest was legitimate. But the inexperience of the promoters was obvious when some of us called for a détente. I even shot a video when they blocked the road to Shomolu, that the whole thing was losing direction.

Come and see abuse. They abused me o, calling me a mad man. But that is the exuberance of youths. They did not reckon with the teeming 40m jobless youths, the vast army of hoodlums and political thugs who litter the vast plains that is our country waiting to be hired and much more important, they also did not take into consideration the fault lines that align our country.

Ethnic, economic and political fault lines and all these came into play unleashing the kind of mayhem we have possibly not seen since the civil war. Now instead of the government to rise above and call for healing, they are standing by and watching this primitive attempted culling of some of our brightest minds. What we are playing with is the decimation of the only vibrant sector in the economy – the entertainment industry that has been valued at N3tn single-handedly built by these youths.

Technology, services that continue to create jobs leveraging on innovation and driven by these minds. This draconian approach to issues is so outdated that is annoying. Mbok, let’s stop all these agbaya things and call for a détente so that we can all put heads together and seek solutions. I know they will not hear now o.