At a time like this, you thank God that the world today is a global village and that trade and communications are no longer restricted by boundaries. Otherwise, where we for run go for this covid matter? When we were having 10, 20 people infected, we shut down o. Even Duchess lock bedroom. Fear paralyze the nation. Today we are recording 300 in a day and people have turned their masks to condoms and moving around in a devil-may-care fashion. The average man will say there is no COVID-19 and even if there is COVID-19, na malaria and the extreme people will say ‘na something go kill person na’.

Only God knows the true situation of Covid in this country. The other day, I went to do father-in-law duties for my sister who was getting married to one short fine Ibibio man at the Ikoyi Registry. Na only me wear mask out of the over 1,000 people there. The few wey even come with mask na under the chin he dey, the rest over 90% of that crowd, no mask.

After sometime I begin to look foolish. The people around me no wear mask so what am I wearing mask for? The people who will cook for me, hug me, grace my bed are exposed, so suffocating myself only to be infected on top bend-bend sleep na just act of stupidity. So I removed the mask. Please, can we go and join the queue for that vaccine very quickly because apart from other things, the socio-economic devastation of this virus is terrible. Please, whither the vaccine?