Why Everyone is so Proud of Yoruba Leaders

Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko

Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko , Founder, Igbo Youth Movement knocks governors and leaders from South-east Nigeria, while praising their counterparts from the South-west for their courage to insist on true federalism as solution to the nation’s problems

These are trying times for Nigeria, a country forged by the British empire, a little over a century ago, reeling under ethnic divisions, bad governance, corruption and an unworkable unitary constitution.

A country suffocating from neo colonialism, imperialism and prependalism, a country sitting on an timed bomb.
As God Almighty, in his infinite mercy and wisdom pricked the consciousness of the land by granting an insight of what awaits the land through the ENDSars protests, organized by the angry youths of the land, commonsense dictates and demands that the whole land wakes up to the reality that the ill wind blowing, will definitely make a horrific landfall, unless we sit up and save the land.

Instead of setting up a committee to address the structural issues that produced over 40 million idle able bodied young folks, the Presidency sends a team to the regions to sell gagging the social media, completely ignoring the structural problems that gave birth to unemployment, inequality, inequity, prebendalism, nepotism, mediocrity, insecurity and poverty that is ravaging the land.

The hunger and anger that rules the land as a direct result of an unwieldy unitary structure foisted by the military, forcloses any future for the teeming populations, as none of the 36 states is viable economically to absorb the great army of angry unemployed folks frustrated and crippled by the bizarre structure run on monthly allocations from the central government.

The very first early signs of what is to come, so frightened and scared our leaders to the sad and unintelligent conclusion that gagging the social media is the solution to our problems. Unfortunate and shameful.

But that is not the big problem. The real problem is that the first zone visited by the Presidential team, refused to speak truth to the government.
Governors, legislators, traditional leaders and clerics gathered at the Government House Enugu, but they only issued a terse empty communique dancing around the truth, but dutifully avoiding the truth, for reasons known only to them.

Yoruba leaders to the rescue. Glory and thanks be to God, that this same Presidential delegation moved to Lagos where the South-west governors, traditional leaders, clerics and elders told them the truth the other region earlier visited was too scared to tell them: that restructuring the country remains the only solution to our problems.
God bless Yoruba leaders!

Which reminds us of the indefatigable Senator Abraham Adesanya and the highly inspiring leadership of the great Afenifere a quarter of a century ago, and the ” On June 12 we stand ” mantra that ushered in the 4th Republic.
God bless Yoruba leaders!

It is this consistent rudderlessness and lack of balls from my region that has made it very difficult, if not impossible for the youth of my region to respect or look up to the pseudo leaders of my region.
It is this shameful behaviour of the so called leaders of my region, that inspired secession agitators to move into the leadership vacuum and attempt to take over leadership of my region.

It is the tactless believe of the so called leaders of my zone, that guns and bullets rained regularly on the agitators will help them regain the lost respect of the younger generation of my region that has brought us to where we are today.
Sadly they refused to learn.

God bless Yoruba leaders for speaking the truth to the Presidential delegation. God bless Yoruba leaders for inspiring us all. God bless Yoruba leaders for standing up for truth and truth only.

With tears in our eyes we kneel down and pray to God Almighty to touch the hearts of leaders of our zone, to learn from Yoruba leaders that truth alone heals the land, truth alone, will earn you the respect of the younger generation, truth alone will bring peace.

The truth remains that 99 percent of the troubles plaguing Nigeria can only be solved through reconstructing the polity to true federalism and power devolution of the First Republic and nothing else.

Again, God bless Yoruba leaders for speaking the truth our own ” leaders ” were so afraid to speak and carefully avoided in their communique.