Sub-committee on Airport Concession Created

Nnoli Nnaji

The House Committee on Aviation has resolved to set up a sub- committee to interface with the Ministry of Aviation, the financial adviser, (FAD) and the project delivery team, (PDT) on the proposed airports concession by the federal government.

The sub-committee is to review the reports of the FAD and the PDT, which according to the chairman, Hon. Nnoli Nnaji fell below expectations.
Nnaji in his opening remarks emphasised that the intervention of the committee was not intended to oppose the policy of the executive but to make sure that Nigeria and Nigerians are not shortchanged.

“Our aim is not to unnecessarily meddle with the policies of the executive but as the representatives of the people, we would not close our eyes to issues that may create instability and unrest in this critical sector. This prompted our earlier meeting with the leaderships of the aviation unions and the Nigerian Labour Congress,” the chairman stressed.

He recalled that the concerns raised by the labour unions warranted the committee’s letter to Ministry Aviation requesting for the copy of outline business case for the concession, the Chinese loan agreement for the four airports slated for concession, report of the project delivery team, (PDT) and the report of the financial adviser, (FAD).

Also requested were the assets evaluation report of the affected airports, (AER), cash flow of the airports, (up for concession), for the last five years, copies of all existing concessions on the four airports the on-lending agreement, repayment schedule and every other documents pertaining to the Airport concession.