Legend: Redefining Internet Consumption in Abuja


Rebecca Ejifoma

Nestled in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja, Legend began quietly; however, its impact speaks volumes. In barely seven years, Legend by Suburban has transformed the Abuja techspace; providing an unprecedented access to the jet-speed fibre-optics Internet technology for both home and office use.

Legend, a retail brand of Suburban, emerged in the Nigerian market, via the Abuja tech corridors, in 2013. It provided multimedia products and services, as well as Internet access and Telephone call services, among others, powered by the 21st Century Fibre optics technology.

Initially, they were the underdogs of the telecoms business space in Abuja, but with clear positioning and exceptional delivery, they rose ranks, and have become an Iconic brand of pride to the residents who enjoy their services.

Prior to their existence, a typical day for an Abuja resident who relies on the Internet for most core operations is fraught with lags and under-efficiency; the pre-existing broadband Internet technologies which relied on standard-copper cables were always slower than the user needed them to be.

For instance, with Legend’s Fibre-optics Internet, you can upload/download data at speedy rates of up to 150 megabytes per second.

This means you can download a two-hour Higher Definition movie within minutes. With the pre-existing tech, it would take at least two hours to download the same movie.

After back-breaking sacrifices, Legend has successfully expanded its coverage scope, over time, to become the largest fiber-optics Internet provider, for homes, in sub-saharan Africa. They cover a wide distance, across the nooks and crannies of Abuja, from Maitama down to Lokogoma.

In a bid to solve the problem of connectivity for users who are mobile, Legend created ‘Wi-Fi hotspots’ which give users access to the network on the go.

Dubbed Zone (public Wi-Fi locations) and Legend Guest WiFi, these features have silently, but solidly increased the market appeal and customer base of this humble brand.

Sticking hard to their innovative and socio-impactful nature, Legend also introduced Legend Pay, earlier this year. It is an all-in-one experience super app that allows consumers eat, send, buy, pay, earn and shop. It is undeniably convenient and keeps to the brand promise of making life better for their consumers.

Within seven years, Legend has built a sturdy brand for itself, committing itself to making life easier and exciting for residents, in Abuja. From the underdog it began as, it has risen to a standard that properly portrays its name.