Desmond Elliot: Humbling of a Lawmaker

Desmond Elliot

Power, fame and association make a double-edged knife. This is the lesson folks have drawn from the series of events which ended Desmond Elliot’s debasement, as well as the castigation of the Nigerian public. Since the Nollywood icon branched into politics and became a lawmaker representing the Surulere constituency at the Lagos House of Assembly, this might be his biggest swing yet from glory to gore.

Desmond Elliot’s troubles began when a viral video caught the attention of simmering folks—who had yet to get over the October 20 Lekki Toll Gate shooting. The video which which showed Elliot’s submission at the Lagos State House of Assembly (exactly six days after the alleged shooting) was received almost entirely in the same fashion.

Desmond Elliot lamented the gross misconduct of youths, especially those who have begun to make mockery of the government’s abilities to protect its citizens. He called attention to the snatching of the traditional symbol (staff) of the Oba of Lagos, as well as the barrage of insults generously loaded against high-ranking members of the government. He appealed to the most influential among the protesters against police brutality to stop the wave of hatred and adopt constitutional measures to accomplish their goal.

Elliot concluded his presentation by asking that attention be paid to social media in Nigeria, youthful users—who he sweepingly referred to as children—and social media influencers, or the nation as we know it might implode in no time.
None of these was music to the ears of Nigerian youths. The most conservative response to Elliot’s passionate harangue was that he was as obtuse in real life as he is in most of his movies. One can imagine the other responses.

Noting the displeasure from various angles, from even fellow Nollywood-ers like him, Desmond Elliot later apologised for his impassioned descant, chalking it up to his unfiltered initial response to the nest of chaos.
That apology has not at all cooled the antagonism against him. Thus, little else has been heard of him ever since. After all, what sensible man fights against the slings and arrows of his own people?