Vezeeta Extends Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative


By Ugo Aliogo

Vezeeta has extended its breast cancer awareness campaign by two weeks ending November 14.

A statement issued by the group said the campaign which kicked off October 1, was launched in commemoration of the annual breast cancer month in October and offers free breast scans and mammograms to women in Lagos.

The Vice President for Africa, Vezeeta Nana Frimpong, stated that the extension would afford more women the opportunity to conduct regular clinical breast examinations and mammograms in accredited laboratories and proactively take steps to safeguard themselves.

He hinted that early detection is very important in order to help save lives.

According to him: “We have received a positive response since announcing the campaign with over one hundred women booking the free scans and mammogram service in Lagos alone so far. From the feedback, there is much enthusiasm about getting tested so we have taken the decision to extend the campaign thus allowing more women participate.

“Breast cancer remains a debilitating burden, affecting an average of 2.1 million women around the world annually. It is also the leading type of cancer deaths among women in Nigeria hence our commitment to fighting the scourge.

“According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), early detection increases the chances of treatment and between thirty to fifty per cent of cancer deaths can be prevented by modifying or avoiding key risk factors, in addition to implementing evidence-based prevention strategies.”

The statement remarked that in addition to free breast scans and mammograms, Vezeeta would offer subsidized treatment for a designated breast cancer survivor.