Trump Tweets Video of Parade for His Reelection in Nigeria


By Rebecca Ejifoma

United States President Donald Trump has tweeted a video of a parade in an unnamed Nigerian town for his reelection.

Trump has a huge support base in Nigeria, particularly in the Eastern part, though with no electoral value to the US president, who is the Republican candidate, as they are not eligible to participate in US election.

“A parade for me in Nigeria, a great honour,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday as voting got underway in the high stakes election where opinion polls show the President trailing his main challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden.

As seen in the video, men, women and children believed to be members of a church in the South eastern part of Nigeria marched through the town dancing and waving US flag, with placards and banners in support of the reelection bid of the US president.

The placards and banners have inscriptions such as ‘Donald J. Trump’ and ‘Trump 2020’.

The supporters also displayed Trump’s portrait, while dancing to songs like “Owe nmeri”, and “Winner o”, as they marched through a narrow township road.

Within the first three hours of the tweet it had garnered 5.2 million views, 51,000 Retweets, 26,900 Comments and 263,000 Likes.

Most of the comments however derided Trump’s tweets. @Laffing451 wrote: “It only takes a few dollars. They’d do anything.”

@LauraDiBella15 wrote: “Isn’t that one in a places you called a S****** country.”

@Blacksmitheart wrote: “Only because they’re trying to con you into depositing some money in their bank accounts.”

@JasonJj410 wrote: “The most unstable state in the 21st century endorsed you I don’t think that’s a trophy mate”

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