#EndSARS Protest, Consequence of Corruption, Says Bishop Kaigama

Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama

The Archbishop of Abuja, Arch Bishop Ignatius Kaigama, has posited that the #EndSARS protests that rocked the country recently was ignited by the failure of political leaders in the country to listen to calls by Nigerians to end corruption in the country.

He said the youths have again highlighted what the Catholic Bishop Conference has been talking about, and expressed the hope that their protests would awake the political will in the leaders and every other person to do something about it.

Kaigama stated this yesterday during the homily at the celebration of 90th anniversary of Holy Ghost Parish in Makurdi, Benue State.

According to the cleric, “Let us not pretend that there is no problem in the country. Let us not behave like the Ostrich that buries its head in the sand and behave as if there is no danger. There is danger! The brutality we are suffering in the hands of the police was enough, and the youths have said it.

“The Catholic Bishop Conference has been saying it-stop corruption so that the wealth of the nation can go round. We kept saying that, but they didn’t listen. Now, the youths have said it clearly. I hope it will wake us all, and I hope that the next political dispensation will be a different one.

“Not of selfish interest but with values. We have been driven by selfish, self-centered materialistic interest, by religious, tribal partisan political sentiments, and that is why we can’t grow. We make one step forward and three steps backwards, therefore, the youths are determined to change this.”

The bishop, therefore, urged the youths to continue to be peaceful and not allow the bad ones to destroy what they started, with killing and looting.

The clergyman expressed the hope that change will come, insisting that: “This world is not our home; we have little time here, so let us use the little time to embrace ourselves and embrace peace, as force won’t bring peace.

“Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be sons and daughters of God. Let us embrace peace so we can see God.”

On the church 90th anniversary celebration, Kaigama said many souls have gone to heaven from the Holy Ghost Parish, Makurdi, following 90 years of service to God and humanity.

The bishop, who commended religious leaders and faithful of the parish, said all these 90 years has been years of prayers, dedication to the word of God, and service to God and humanity.