COPE Charges Women to Embark on Frequent Breast Examination


By Ayodeji Ake

The Founder of Care Organisation Public Enlightenment (C.O.P.E) , Mrs. Ebun Anozie has charged women to embark on frequent breast examination for early detection of breast cancer.

Speaking recent at the 25th Anniversary and Fund Raising of C.O.P.E, recently in Lagos, Anozie noted that most of the cancer cases are due to late presentation and consequently, has claimed many lives.

She further said the cost of cancer treatment is still very expensive and a big issue seeking interventions from both private and public organisations as well as from well meaning Nigerians.

Thus, she emphasised on frequent breast examination and early presentation.

“I don’t want to tell stories because there are a lot of stories. There are a lot of them who seeks support but COVID-19 has limited them.

“This is breast cancer awareness month. We urge women to take the advantage of this month and have their breast screened. They shouldn’t start coming when they have maggot In their breast” she said.

Anozie said one of the major challenges is lack of cancer comprehensive centre in Nigeria.

“We don’t have a comprehensive cancer centre and we are yet to have one. I have been out there and I know what one looks like.

“We have the wealth and Nigeria is blessed but they should help the cancer patients because they are dying. Nigerians are resilient people.

“Half of what we take here other countries doesn’t tolerate. I will say the way you treat your citizens is the way they will be treated outside.”

She concluded by urging Nigerians to cultivate the heart of giving to support one another expecially cancer patients rather than waiting for the government.

“Right now our main focus is to raise N3 million to be able to provide the items for breast cancer survivors. Though we have more things to do but these are what I saw as necessary rather than them using all sorts to support their breast.

“Basically for me we have just started. We give thanks to God for this journey. I want to thank the media for the support. I have people calling from different states.

“Some of them want me to come to their states but it’s difficult to be everywhere but we are trying our best because I counsel as well and we have about four machines that we use.”