Mr. Buhari – Permission to Speak


My Lord don’t let me even mince words this your style of not talking during crisis like the one we are facing presently is nothing but arrogant.

Yes if nobody will tell you let me tell you abi what esle can happen pass the fire that has burnt down Shomolu, claimed lives of our people and left everybody with the kind of desolation we faced at the end of the Civil War? Me I cannot even believe that with all these not even a soothing word, not even a flinch of the finger to the point that the Senate has called out to you, the Ghanaian president has put mouth; international figures like Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden all have tried yet nothing.

This one tire me o. I don’t even know what to say again o. We have cried, rolled in our blood and torn our clothes. It’s almost like we have nobody to look up to for protection and guidance. This is more than sad Mr. President. This is in fact more than torture. It is worse than the bloodletting going on, I tell you. I don’t even care if it is a capacity issue or a strategy, whatever it is it is not working and will never work.

At times like this even the quietest of the leaders will stand up as a rallying point, coral resources and ginger the people to stand up and dust themselves and start the slow and painful process of healing. Even Abacha for don wear him dark goggles and climb NTA and say – fellow Nigerians…. This style I never see am before o. Even when I be class captain for secondary school I do pass this one. This style needs to be studied to be understood. My lord, your children are DYING. Stand up and speak. Your handlers say 15 million of us voted for you if not for the ones who did not vote at least for them- SAY SOMETHING. KAI.