How Abiodun Oshinibosi Uses 15th Wedding Anniversary to Further Establish Expertise in Hybrid Event


On October 1st, 2020, Abiodun and Morenike Nwanneka Oshinibosi celebrated 15 sweet and solid years of matrimony. A colourful and engaging event, to be sure, Abiodun Oshinibosi still did not abstain from stretching the curtains of the event management arm of his business, Abelinis Limited. Riding on the degrees to which he has assisted in throwing off the menace of the Covid-19 pandemic, Oshinibosi is easily forgiven.

Nothing like the dull and tedious gatherings of masked individuals in the name of shindigs, the 15th-year anniversary celebration of the Oshinibosis was rich and exciting. Held at the Oriental Hotel Lekki, Lagos, the ceremony was well attended by relatives, friends and associates. Always one to ice the cake, folks that couldn’t attend could participate in the festivities via Zoom.

Abiodun Oshinibosi’s Hybrid Studio was responsible for the whole thing.
While it didn’t come as much of a surprise to those who were familiar with Oshinibosi’s businesses, his reputation as Project Marshall of Abelinis Limited, one of the foremost project management firms in Nigeria, was accentuated with the performance of his Hybrid Studio management team led by Gbenga Oketade .

A renowned tactician, Oshinibosi’s 15th anniversary ceremony was the perfect opportunity to promote the work of his Hybrid Studio. Thus, the event was employed to demonstrate and prove the expertise of Hybrid studio at delivering premium services in event management and organisation.

It is worth mentioning that this brainchild of Oshinibosi’s isalso responsible for managing Dr. Julius Adelusi’s 80th Birthday party, as well as a thousand and one other inauguration ceremonies, medical exhibitions, conferences, and awards events—with clientele ranging from very demanding public regulars to very progressive private patrons. All these clients have undoubtedly given approving feedback, which is not at all surprising considering Oshinibosi’s acknowledged guiding business tenet of excellence.

First it was Abelinis Limited, and then HypeKing Advocacy. Now, Abiodun Oshinibosi and his team are positively invested in establishing Hybrid Studio as the latest business enterprise, with the characteristic blend of premium and flawless work.