This paddy has a way of rising to the occasion and that is quite impressive. The man no like calmness because na that time he will just be moving around like someone that take Andrew’s liver salt and be pointing at buildings everywhere. But when there is a crisis, the champion in him will just wake, he will just be moving around, assume the ‘Presidency’ and lead the nation in ways that are uncharacteristically ‘unNigerian’.

The bobo is impressing us o. When COVID-19 came, it didn’t know what it would meet in Lagos. If it knew, it would have gone to drop in Fernando Po but it came to Lagos and Sanwo-Olu jumped in and showed it that amala and gbegiri can be a potent energy source for a governor. Today, as the #EndSars thing is consuming our political elite, he has emerged as the much-needed bridge between the vanguard of the movement and our hard-pressed leadership who really do not understand what is happening. He was first resisted by the movement but has gradually won their trust, setting up N200m fund, engaging on social media and joining the parades and speaking.

Kai, I am loving this chap. He is truly a leader if only his handlers at Bourdilon will free him up. He just might be that midpoint leader that we need to gradually shift the ethos of power. Well done bro, please keep up the crisis leadership. God will bless you for me. I will soon invite you for lunch over a plate of well-made afang and fufu with periwinkle, but please don’t come with that your deputy that will be following you up and down before he come and finish the food o. Just one man dose that will be served. Let me know when you are ready. Well done, sir.