Nigeria at 60, a Milestone to Identify, Says Daramola


Convener of Project 60.60.60, Bimbo Daramola has stated that Nigeria turning 60 is a milestone that must be identified.

He made this statement at the South-west Entrepreneurs Boot Camp Screening held in Lagos recently.

He stated that there was need to give a signature tune to entrepreneurship in Nigeria, and that this should exceed the entrepreneurship start-up capital.

“There are things that we must do that are structural by inclination. Entrepreneurship must be seen beyond start-up capital. The money that has been delivered as capital has not delivered anything,” he said.

“There are currently 39.4 million jobless people in Nigeria. A structural dimension to raising entrepreneurs in Nigeria is highly essential at the moment.

“Our plan is to make entrepreneurs go through the 18 months window, and if they survive, they are likely to be successful entrepreneurs,” he stated.

“The boot camp will enable us raise 60 brand new entrepreneurs that we can take custody of, and watch them grow over the 18months entrepreneurship training. We would not only give start-up capital, which are not loans, but grants of N60,000 – N1m, to those who have shown convincing reasons to get to the boot camp.

“We already had the first screening in Abuja, this is the Lagos Southwest screening, after which, we will then proceed to the South-south, Southeast, and more. The idea is to take 60 people from each of the 6 geopolitical zone and put them through the structural plan,” he said.

This initiative is to run for 10 years 2020 – 2030. The first process is to gather the 360 persons, “we will then set up the entrepreneurship laboratories, where people get the opportunity to train and retrain,” he stated.

He stated that the boot camp is a small key to open big doors, and upon which the new entrepreneurship matrix and development will rest in the days to come.

Entrepreneurship cures a lot of ills in the society, and the 39.4 million jobless people have implications on the society’s security, social welfare and a whole lot more, he said.

The pandemic has also accentuated how people lose their jobs, so it is not about throwing money everywhere but ensuring the yield from it, he said.

The Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports and a number of other Black Beats in the US are all partnering with us to ensure that this becomes a reality, he said.

He stated that the sustenance of Project 60.60.60 initiative is based on the power of will, as well as commitment.