SRTV Show to Harvest New Creative Talents


Mary Nnah

SRTV production is set to organise a talent expo and an international
networking event designed to scout and empower new creative talents in Nigeria.

According to a press statement issued by Christian Ashaiku, Creative
Director of the organisation, the show which will harness talents in Nigeria,
whilst rewarding, celebrating, and honouring those who have contributed to the
growth of the Nigerian creative industry will take place from the 4th to the
6th of December 4th to 6th at Honeyland Resort, Lekki, Lagos.

“This show is aimed to move talent discovery in Nigeria out of the
polite drawing rooms into the clamour of the streets. Nigerians of all ages will be provided with the right tools to showcase their talent. Our goal is to bring Nollywood Talents (Home and Away) together to share knowledge, skills, experiences, and contacts. Our programme demonstrates the things we all can do, to positively contribute to our viable creative industry. SRTV Talent
EXPO” is a global brand created to operate in Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the
world,” Ashaiku said.

He also noted that the show will feature SRTV Moonlight Film Festival, SRTV Talent Hunts and SRTV Talent Awards.

On the film festival, the creative director said that the Nigerian
film industry has played a dominant role in protecting the country in a
positive light to the rest of the world and a major contributor to the economy
and employment creation.

“It can be said that one of the remarkable successes of Nigeria in
her 60 years of existence is Nollywood, as it is not only contributing to the GDP of Nigeria but has helped to project Nigeria’s image positively, and more so, have put Nigeria on various map among committees of nations. This was made possible by the innovations and creativity of individuals we call filmmakers.

This is currently not happening in Nigeria alone but around the world.

Nigerians in the UK, USA, and in other parts of the world are now making films, which relate to their experiences and their homeland. With that in mind, SRTV has designed these inclusive events, putting together selected Nollywood filmmakers (home and away) to come together; celebrate, network, and do business. The 2020 edition
will screen films from selected Nollywood filmmakers from the United States,
United Kingdom, and Nigeria at the beautiful.”

The talent hunt part of the show which targets the discovery of new
talent that will be the future of the industry will see the winner go home with
N500, 000 according to the organisers.

On the long term goal of the organisation and impact it hopes to create
within the growing creative economy of Nigeria, Ashaiku said his organisation
will play a long game to build a brand that will attract the respect and
admiration of industry stakeholders and the general public.

“Our long-term goal is to build a reputable brand known for empowering
talents and exploring their crucial roles in national development.”