Michael Afolaranmi: The Basket of Grace


As far as eating goes, what goes down the gullet has much to do with what tickles the heart. This is one area where Michael Afolaranmi has excelled in recent years, so much so that he has placed both himself and his enterprise on the corporate and gastric map. With Afolaranmi’s 12 Baskets, there’s style and grace and—wave after wave of—expansion.

The small chops industry is the businessman’s favourite pastime, and Michael Afolaranmi is gradually setting himself up as the national minister of this growing industry. With 12 Baskets popping up in every hot and happening place, Afolaranmi is evidently intent on ridding streets and offices of hunger and stress, in his very unique way.

The latest knot of expansion of 12 Baskets is Lekki. Located on Chief Collins Street, off Fola Osibo Street, Lekki phase 1, Lekki, Lagosians around and close to that angle have been afforded the opportunity to partake of Afolaranmi’s sumptuous meals, and a delivery process that is both quick and cordial. How Fast Afolaranmi’s 12 Baskets has risen!

It is said that behind Michael Afolaranmi’s enterprise is a man who is deliberate about excellence and taste. Far different from his contemporaries, Afolaranmi’s unique approach entails packaging preferred finger foods and having them delivered pronto. Combine these with his amiable personality and family-man vibes, and Michael Afolaranmi is ‘The Best Man in the Kitchen.’

Doubtless, Michael Afolaranmi is changing the face of the finger foods sector, and only a small fraction of the competition is saying anything about it. With Afolaranmi’s innovative momentum, it won’t be long before his dream of having 12 Baskets in every state capital of the federation is realised. Considering the quality of service and customer satisfaction so far, the honour is Nigeria’s.
What is to be said of the event management aspects of Afolaranmi’s enterprise? These too are gradually coming into light. With Michael Afolaranmi’s habit of renovation, rebranding and re-innovation, there may not be 12 baskets remaining when he’s done with serving his latest direct consumers—the residents of Lekki.