Niniola’s Wearing a New Look


Ferdinand Ekechukwu

Niniola Akpata is a seductive diva with copious amounts of sexual appeal that not a few men would be able to resist and she carries it pretty firmly. Her songs tell erotic stories that integrate dance and melody to bring a sweet secular music sensation. She expresses her sexuality boldly. This has come to define her persona overtime.

Anything contrary to her status image would sure elicit interest. Recently, the Afro-house singer has a bold and interesting new look. She shared the new look on social media. The singer/songwriter took to her Instagram page last Wednesday, where she shared a photo of herself with a new hairstyle. “Meet my Twin Sister. So I had a haircut and can’t wait to colour my natural hair… N:B Still rocking my wigs,” she wrote.

Arguments on social media have always been around what kind of music Niniola does and who her fans are. With most people propounding that she only sings for girls who loves rough sex and those who cannot do without it. Still, even without a proper grasp on her messages, one can confirm that Niniola’s graceful sex appeal gives a hint of what her music is about, sexual redemption and all the rituals that the libidinous woman would elegantly bear in the hands of a man she is sexually involved with.

Niniola, as an artiste has patiently crafted her way to become one of the highly rated feminine force in the Nigerian music industry. No one has been able to effortlessly weave sexuality into their music and makes it seem typical the way Niniola has done. A Twitter user had once said “Niniola looks like sex.” Whatever that means but have you heard Niniola sing conventional songs? Think deeply. Following her debut album which came in 2017, Niniola is back with a sophomore offering, ‘Colours and Sounds.’

The 15-track project explores dominantly Afro-House with only a few tracks in pure Afrobeats. A quick check of the reviews for the strides she had made, a second album was anticipated to be a statement of profound impact. The phrase, ‘Colours and Sounds,’ further heightened appetite of fans for the new body of work from the acclaimed Queen of Afro-house.

Her root genre (sound) she describes as afro house though she tends towards other genre of music like R&B, inspirational rock, hip hop, folk and afrobeats. The genre of ‘house’ is characterised by fast-paced dance music and repetitive rhythms. Fans of Niniola would agree that this is the style that has defined her music over the years with infusion of elements of Afrobeats.