Nigeria Needs Leadership, Policy Strategies Review, Says Otti


Emmanuel Ugwu in Umuahia

Having failed to achieve the desired goal of national development 60 years after independence, Nigeria should now review its leadership and governance strategies, a financial expert, Mr. Alex Otti has said.

He made the call on the heels of the diamond jubilee celebration of Nigeria’s nationhood, which has been stretched to next year, noting that there was no way a better result would be recorded if there was no change of strategy.

Otti stated that as a milestone 60 years of independence was worthy of celebration but at the same time it should serve as opportunity to reflect on why the nation was still lagging behind in all indices of development.

He said that Nigeria should borrow a leaf from those nations that were at the same level with her at independence but have gone far ahead while Nigeria remained rooted far behind. The former bank boss noted that it was by dint of hard work and visionary leadership that Nigeria’s contemporaries such as the Asian Tiger nations, were able to gallop past Nigeria in all facets of development.

He insisted that by emulating those successful nations Nigeria would be in a good stead to overcome its challenges of political instability and economic underdevelopment, and begin a new process of national rediscovery.

The former governorship candidate regretted that a country with rich history and all round endowments could still be grappling with too many socio-political and economic challenges and numerous other well pronounced problems.
He specially frowned at a situation where sectional, religious and other trivial considerations still dominate our national discourse and general engagements, especially in sensitive leadership considerations.
Turning to his home state of Abia, Otti congratulated the people for their “endless peaceful disposition, resilience and consistent demand for good governance”, urging them to keep the hope alive.

According to him “consistent progressive push beyond political, religious and sectional platforms is what is required to herald an Abia that would meet the vision of its founding fathers, and desires of ordinary men and women of Abia”.

He reiterated his call on Abia State government “to prioritise the welfare of workers, pensioners and youths as an economic strategy to rejig the economy of the state and erase the present atmosphere of gloom and despondency created by harsh government policies and programmes”.
Otti assured Abians that he would continue on the progressive path of lending his voice and taking very practical and decisive actions in alliance with well-meaning Abia sons and daughters with the utmost desire to develop the state.