Building Trusted Partnerships Vital for Real Estate Investment, Says Tseko

Ryan Tseko

In this report, Ugo Aliogo, chronicles the success story of a vice-president of Cardone Capital, Ryan Tseko in the Real Estate business

For many people, real estate is often considered a more astute investment option for those who wish to take a non-stressful path in growing their capital, rather than passively putting their money into a fund managed by somebody else. Impressively, it is widely thought that real estate always appreciates making it a great proposition for others. It remains a risk worth taking for many people. Ryan Tseko is a beneficiary of real estate’s burgeoning value. He is presently the vice-president of Cardone Capital, a Miami-based multifamily real estate business.

The 36 year-old went from struggling to pay for his pilot training, to being Grant Cardone’s corporate pilot to now earning over $1.2 million dollars from a $400,000 investment. But like any business, real estate investing has its challenges. According to Tseko, some of the biggest challenges are getting known, getting people to trust the business plan and setting up a team. “Learning the game on a massive level is definitely a huge obstacle,” he remarked.

Speaking on the importance of mindset in business, Tseko explained how necessary it is to be around others with a “how can we mindset” rather than “we can’t.” In the last two years, Tseko and the Cardone team have not only contributed a great deal to the building of the Cardone Capital portfolio, but have also been able to raise over $430,000,000 through crowdfunding alone, an incredible feat by any standard.

His advice for others hoping to emulate his success is – “My biggest piece of advice is get around others who are doing that business and learn from them. It is the biggest shortcut you will ever find in life, if there is such a thing”

Investing is often said to be a risky business, but when asked about fear and uncertainty, Tseko sees it as an indication of being headed in the right direction. “Fear is good for every human. Keeps you on your toes and pushes you to be better.” From all indications, Tseko is indeed headed in the right direction. And with three promising million-dollar deals already lined up waiting for him, it seems the sky really is the limit.