OMAA Global Launches PMS, CNG, LPG-powered Buses in Nigeria


by Bennett Oghifo

There has been an official launch in Nigeria of a range of mini buses that can either be powered with Premium Motor Spirit (petrol) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas.

The launch in Abuja recently was by OMAA Global and was witnessed by transport owners and the business community, according to a statement by their publicist.

Speaking during the launch, Chinedu Oguegbu, founder of OMAA Global and the brain behind the new OMAA commercial bus said; “The journey did not start today having been in the automotive industry for almost 20 years working with global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from France to Japan, Korea to China.”

Describing transportation in the country as a big hassle moving from point A to B, he lamented that lack of efficient transport system constrains the economy, making productivity low, despite its role as the engine of economic growth.

Oguegbu expressed optimism that the OMAA automotive brand will give transporters positive returns on their investment as running on gas is cheaper than petrol and parts are readily available. “This is the opportunity, the reason we are building OMAA. We are working with technical partners across the globe.”

Oguegbu said, “Currently, OMAA is finalising our assembly operations. This November, we will commence commercial deliveries of OMAA vehicles in large volumes. Next, we will have a phased migration from SKD to CKD localising components, up-skilling staff and contributing to the burgeoning automotive ecosystem.”

He expressed excitement that OMAA model of vehicles have been simplified as much as possible, offering custom products that customers or end users can adapt to their unique needs.

Most vehicles on sale in Nigeria the company executive noted were designed and built for other regions. Giving customers’ choice to order vehicles that meet their specific requirements would result in considerable cost savings as they don’t pay for unnecessary features.

He expressed optimism that there is a huge commercial and social opportunity that would definitely impact millions of lives, adding that his team is “open to collaboration, building of partnerships, investing in the ecosystem to ensure that we build a better future for Africa.”

The OMAA bus can be used intra-city, as a school bus, as a shuttle, a panel and as an ambulance.

For fuel system and power delivery, the OMAA bus comes as a single or dual offering (dual fuel engine system), which implies that customers can have the bus sold to them as either PMS, CNG or LPG.

OMAA can also be offered on a minimum of two engine power train of petrol and gas (CNG) or petrol and (LPG) operating in it. It comes in manual transmission, while plans for the automatic transmission version are in the pipeline.

In terms of safety and ruggedness, it has a drum brake disc technology and solid suspension systems comparable to other competing brands in the local market.

For the exterior, there are central lock-key systems, and the tyres sit on alloy wheel or the conventional steel wheels. These two choices are strongly casted taking into consideration the peculiar rough roads that we have in the country today.

In terms of daylight or night visibility, OMAA boasts of LED lamp, the high mount brake light with the latest timeless design. Interior-wise, customers are at liberty to decide on which seat choices to make, as it comes in three variants including fabrics or leather.

In terms of passengers comfort while the journey lasts, OMAA is fitted with an all-round air-conditioning system both front and rear that are also adjustable from the rear in addition to the rear view mirror.

The features mentioned are in addition to other features in other vehicles like the automatic brake system (ABS), electronic brake distribution (EBD) system. The prospective customers have to buy any of the OMAA bus with or without a DVD, the preferred size of the LCD or the reverse camera.

The statement said products delivery “will be within a period of one to four months of pre-order notice. Every OMAA bus is priced competitively, fits every budget of intending customers and offered at a very reasonable discount.”