APBN Congratulates Nigeria on 60th Independence Anniversary

APBN President Akinloye Oyegbola
  • Proffers solutions to challenges

The Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN) has congratulated Nigerians as the country marks its 60th independence anniversary.

In a congratulatory message made available to journalists Thursday, APBN President, Akinloye Oyegbola, proffered solutions on how the country can overcome some of its challenges.

According to him, Nigeria has come a long way but the union can be more united if the government can bring most of the reasons for agitations from the core to the periphery.

He stated that there is no gainsaying the fact that the professionals in any country are responsible for its development.

He said: “Our country could be more united if the government provides appropriate manpower and materials to combat insurgency banditry and kidnapping. Invests in information technology devices in tackling the security menace. Give appropriate punishment to those responsible for security breaches to serve at deterrent.”

He said the government should acknowledge the deplorable state of the country’s healthcare delivery as exposed by the coronavirus pandemic and decides to give it a comprehensive phase lift, adding that the government should support not only the SMEs, but the professional enterprises and establishments too, intensify effort at diversification of the economy, invest massively in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and effect substantial improvement in the education sector for economic growth and job creation.

According to him, government can reduce the about 50 per cent recurrent expenditure in its budget through far reaching review of cost of governance at all levels, apply structured removal of subsidies and use some of it to grow particular areas of diversification of the economy like agriculture.

He stated that government should “address the huge deficit in physical infrastructure provision and the supporting human and soft infrastructure”, adding that: “The former is being addressed through foreign dominated procurement. The latter must be national resources based to ensure sustainability and efficient utilization. This is where the Nigerian professionals are needed”.

The APBN president said the need for high level of local content in all phases cannot be overemphasized, stressing that the Nigerian professionals with their advanced knowledge of all the sectors must be engaged to acquire technology, manage the process for the best results and sustain the infrastructure by installing systems to manage its performance.

He said: “We must implore our government at both federal and state levels to turn their attention to engaging Nigerian professionals in the most beneficial way for the rapid development of our country.

The APBN, founded in 1983 is the umbrella Association for the Professional Bodies of Nigeria.

In 1992, it was recognized by the federal government as a constituent part of the Organised Private Sector (OPS) of Nigeria’s economy and has the 30 foremost professional bodies in its growing membership.

APBN aims at advancing professionalism and professional practice in Nigeria. It seeks to confer valuable professional advantages and privileges, impose professional responsibilities on its member-bodies and encourage them to support work which is important to the nation and the professionals.