Wema Bank Upgrades Mobile App


ALAT by Wema Bank has introduced its upgraded mobile app – ALAT 4.0 – to enable customers remain connected to do much more. The bank disclosed this in a statement, explaining that the app provides seamless access to an array of exciting features and serves as a platform where customers can personalise offerings to meets their frequent financial and lifestyle needs.

“Being a customer-centric financial institution, the upgraded app serves as a one-stop platform that gives customers the option to create unique experiences for themselves; this includes dashboard personalization where customers can decide to hide and unhide their account balance as well as to display most frequently used feature on their dashboard,” the statement added.

Deputy Managing Director, Wema Bank, Mr Moruf Oseni, was quoted to have said: “We made a promise earlier this year to improve customer experience by introducing improved unique features to the app. Based on feedback from customers, a lot of effort was put together to ensure we deliver on our promise to ensure this upgrade affords customers a delightful and memorable service experience.”

As part of the new features is the card control option which enables customers to put a limit on their spending habit and the reintroduction of the virtual dollar card which gives customers the ability to make international payments irrespective of the currency, it added.

“ALAT has also expanded loan offerings to goal based loans, salary-based lending and device loan. Customers can also top up existing loan amount, make part payment during the loan cycle at any time and liquidate the loan before the end of the loan cycle at any given time.

“For us, it is imperative that customers have access to a flexible and seamless user experience on our platform. In introducing exciting features to the app, we ensured that major lifestyle and financial needs can be met through ALAT 4.0. As a bank, we will continue to create innovative solutions for our customers and solidify our lead in digital Banking.”