Sijibomi ‘Sujimoto’ Ogundele: Man on a Mission

Sijibomi Ogundele

If you prefer housing over shelter, and luxurious spaciousness over Spartan confinement, Sijibomi Ogundele is the Man for you.
In recent years, Sijibomi Ogundele (CEO of Sujimoto Construction Limited) climbed onto the dais of corporate transcendence as a businessman intent on crushing mediocrity in the marketplace and architecture. By so doing, Sujimoto has carved out a new path for home-building and design, saving and investment opportunities, as well as a new approach to the enterprise of residential construction, real estate and property management.

From his Medici to Giuliano, to Lucrezia and Lorenzo, the projects of Sujimoto are famous for “redefining luxury living not only to simply satisfy clients, but also to go the extra mile and delight them with high quality and glamorous edifices.” Every one of those buildings is a beauty of residential edges and curves, and the kind of landmarks that earn a global reputation.

Sujimoto’s latest project, LeonardoBySujimoto, is one of the most talked about in 2020. Apparently, Sijibomi Ogundele is intent on breaking records with every successive project. Like its seniors, LeonardoBySujimoto blends accommodation with style, adding luxury to what is ordinarily mere comfort. To spice things up, Sijibomi Ogundele is encouraging investors to share in the cake that is LeonardoBySujimoto, an investment package with a superlative flavour and icing.

A five-flavour benefit pack has been advertised for investors in LeonardoBySujimoto. These include over 400% return on investment (ROI) in 2 years, guaranteed annual rental ROI, ₦30 million to 120 million in Shortlet Income, exclusive features, and an automatic membership of the Sujimoto Exclusive Boat Club.

To put it all in perspective, with $150,000, investors are guaranteed to get at least a 400% profit in just two years. Furthermore, investing in 2 Bedrooms is equivalent to $50,000 Rental ROI per annum, 3 Bedroom to $70,000 per annum, and 4 Bedroom to $100,000 per annum. Then there’s 30 million to ₦20 profit to be made from the Sujimoto AirBnB Styled Shortlet service. Lobbies, gyms, pools and every other executive and luxurious feature is available in every Leonardo.

And if your interest is in getting up and close with the Sujimoto tribe, staff or executive board, investing in LeonardoBySujimoto guarantees an automatic membership, with the boat club reserved for residents.
With Sujimoto, all is sharp and sparkly. With LeonardoBySujimoto, the benefits are deep and colourful.