Williams Moderates Digital Safety Conversation at UNGA 75


The CEO and co-founder of RED | For Africa, Adebola Williams yesterday moderated the United Nations’ Digital Cooperation Summit.

The event, themed ‘Action For Future Generations’, was a series of dynamic conversations between high-level speakers that will focus on finding concrete actions to ensure digital safety for young people across the world.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the world into a new era of immersion into the internet,” Williams said.

“The need for social distancing means simple daily tasks like schooling, work, and general lifestyle needs are dependent on minimising physical contact, something we are thankfully able to do utilising the internet.

“Children and young adults are most affected by this dependence on the internet, and we should ensure they’re safe while doing so. However, we also have to figure out ways to expand access to ensure more of the people who need the internet have access to it. It is not enough to secure the internet for the few that can access it.

“We must also devise solutions that are inclusive of young people across the world, from Kraków to Yobe,” he added.

In line with the recently launched United Nations Secretary-General landmark Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, the event focused on managing the new reality of COVID-19 which has caused rapid technological changes that will significantly affect the youth demographic.

The carefully moderated panels explored ways to establish global shared responsibility measures and determine a way forward for a youth-centred digital future. Prioritising safety, affordability of digital literacy and improved access to opportunities and employment for youth.