Soulful Singer, TAURIE Ready to Explore Ni-Pop Genre


Talented soulful singer, TAURIE has hit the ground running as she storms the Nigerian music scene with a nostalgic soulful voice driven with a unique range which she describes as neo-soul with a touch of jazz.

Born in Staten Island, New York, United State of America she grew up with her parents and siblings with whom she has an inseparable bond with. She initially started pursuing a career in neurosurgery and later switched to Music Production at 19 after mixing a CD for an event for her friend at the studio. Her mother who is Nigerian and her Dad a Native American have both encouraged her to embrace her talent and to be the best she can be if this is her passion.

Though she grew up in the USA, Taurie’s mother’s Ibo culture ranging from music, tradition and even the language was embedded in her upbringing. Taurie chuckles as she explains, “I say that I grew up in a Nigerian household, strongly guided by the women – my mother, grandmother aunt and cousins. Sadly, my first visit to Nigeria was to bury my grandfather which was a sad event, but a profound opportunity to connect with my roots. You cannot have Nigerian blood in you and not feel connected to the culture and heritage”

Describing her sound and what sets her apart from her contemporaries in the Nigerian music scene, the indie artist who is open to any reputable record label said, “I am committed to being a complete package with my skills and musical talent. I work very hard to earn the respect and favor of my audience and intend to learn as much as I can to show that I am a serious artist that will continue to bring ‘feel-good’ music each time I release a single”.

Regarding her thoughts on the Nigerian music, Taurie explains that “It is so unique in the world stage. It captures different musical arrangements that are not completely Afro-Pop and not so mainstream either which is why I do not call it Afro-Pop. I call it Ni-Pop (Nigerian Pop) like K-Pop (Korean Pop) which keeps it as unique as it deserves to be.”