Kafaru Dismisses Estranged Wife’s Allegations


By Idowu Sowunmi

A popular Lagos-based nightlife king, Temidayo Lucky Kafaru, has denied all the allegations levelled against him by his estranged wife, Diana Logico.

Kafaru, in a five-page petition signed by his lawyer, Omo-Elo Akokaike, a Senior Associate at Regency Law Firm in Lagos, described Diana’s allegations as defamatory and sheer wickedness, which should be discarded.

“We wish to state to all and sundry that the publications made Diana Faith Logico against Temidayo Lucky Kafaru are not only defamatory but sheer wickedness and all right-minded Nigerians should discard the make-belief story which has brought public opprobrium against our client and treat the same as sheer blackmail and an abysmal campaign of calumny against our client.

“These false stories will expectedly continue to flood the social media in order to damage our client’s reputation, blackmail and intimidate him.

The lawyer accused the estranged wife of his client of flooding his client’s place of work using the Coordinator of Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) of Lagos State and reporting these very false allegations to his boss.

“The persistence of these unfounded actions by our client’s wife and mother has made our Client very fearful for his life and safety.

“Therefore, we appeal to the general public and the law enforcement agents to come to the aid of TEMIDAYO KAFARU and protect him from the venomous fangs launched against our client,” the petitioner alleged.

Diana, who got married to Kafaru on August 31, 2019 in a flamboyant society wedding, had recently accused her husband of sexual violence.

“I am calling on the Inspector General of Police to intervene in my case and not allow my life and that of my family to be wasted. He has refused to make himself available for investigation on allegations against him,” she alleged.

Diana called on Lagos State Government, Inspector General of Police (IG), and other relevant authorities to investigate her husband for a number of offences.

Diana’s legal counsel, Bamidele Ogundele, was also said to have reported the case to DSVRT at Alausa in Ikeja.

But, Kafaru’s lawyer dismissed Diana’s allegations, describing them as cheap blackmail.

He denied emphatically all the allegations.

He took the general public down to the memory lane, alleging that Diana’s family has a trademark in blackmailing.

The lawyer explained that family members, friends, colleagues and business partners could testify to Kafaru’s upright character and hardworking prowess which he has built over the years.

Recounting the genesis of the marital woes, the issue of DSVRT among other allegations, the petition stated thus: “Our client’s marital woes started sometime in April 2020, when he was arrested by policemen from Ajiwe Police Station, Ajah, Lagos State based on trumped-up charges of assault levelled against him by his wife simply because our client refused to accede to the incessant outrageous monetary demands to which he had been subjected since the marriage which had become overly burdensome to him due to the crushing effect of the pandemic”.