Firm Calls for Innovations to Improve Port Access Roads


By Rebecca Ejifoma

A logistic firm, 4Runner Global Services Limited has called for innovative and systematic approach to fixing the roads in and out of the Lagos ports for improved and efficient service deliveries across the country.

The firm made this known through its Chairman, Mr. Femi Dada, during a networking and strategy session with stakeholders in Lagos State.

Dada admitted that the COVID-19 affected virtually all sectors in the economy in the world, logistics inclusive.

“There are so many shipments that cannot be moved due to the nature of goods they are. The government needs to do more in terms of shipping and transporting the goods to the destination,” he implored.

He emphasised: “A job we are meant to clear in a day or two we end up clearing such in four to five days or two to three weeks. And the storage in the shipping terminal keeps counting every day.”

The logistic expert bemoaned that some of the trucks stay on queue for more than 30 days.

“If they want to bribe their way they will be paying N20,000 to N30,000 to all the agencies present on the road to get a fast track road.”

However, Dada noted that if, “you want to go through the normal route, you have to stay about 25 to 30 days before you can get back to the port. And the port services charges you for returning their container late.”

While stressing that there is a whole lot still the government was expected to do, he urged the government to fix the road if they intend to as it would avoid congesting port roads.

“Lagos port roads should be the government’s priority. And the issue of port thugs should be addressed, too. The roads and ports are not secure.

“Now, as the world continues to deploy technology for their daily businesses, 4Runner Global Logistics Services Ltd has joined the bandwagon with its ecommerce business coming up in two weeks’ time.

“COVID-19 has really shaped a lot of businesses and it has really opened eyes to see that you don’t need to be in your business place or office to get your business done.”