It is clear about the elementary mentality that places ethnicity above merit in the series of promotions and appointment exercises in the wide circle of the federal civil service of Nigeria. Apparently, a party or certain ones are desirous to “balance” the upward mobility advantages based on merit that Southerners have with affirmative action for Northerners. But herein lies the problem; affirmative action for a class of people who lacks the proper education and insights on the workings of the system they have been forced-in to is tantamount to running in endless circles.

All the cash in-flows that come with this lopsidedness in federal civil appointments have not translated to poverty reduction at the grassroots because the beneficiaries of these very misplaced “affirmative action” are themselves those who would rather increase their family size by doing plural marriages; they do not do charity and they do not pay tithes because the foundations for these acts of selfless services are not existing in the locales from whence they originate.

That is why, as this class of Nigerians is “spoiled” with access to huge cash base, poverty still blossom in the North.

Sunday Adole Jonah,

Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State