Firm Partners 9mobile, MTN


A new gaming platform named TYLgames has partnered with MTN and 9monile to offer unique gaming proposition in Nigeria’s lottery industry. According to a statement, TYLgames is a gaming (Lottery) platform designed to positively touch gamers lives one game at a time.

It explained that the focus is on gamers rather than on the gaming platform; placing in their hands the power to transform lives with each game they play hence the acronym “TYL”.

“TYL is an Instant Play, Instant Win, Instant Cash-out game played on SMS, USSD, and Mobile Web platforms with the short code 33088.

“There are currently two games available to choose from, an instant numbers game tagged ‘SHOKI’ and ‘SHAFFLE’ which is a daily raffle game.

“With N100 game cost, a player can win up to N100,000 instantly and up to N1,000,000 in 24 hours by dialing or texting to 33088 or *33088# for USSD respectively.

“TYL brings financial relief to the masses by providing the avenue to win instant cash to cover day—to-day living costs. With just N100, a player can win and cash out a minimum of N1,000 instantly, several times a day. The best part of it is that a player can do this privately and confidentially, 24 hours of the day,” the statement explained.

To deliver dynamic and superior gaming experience, different from other available gaming or betting platforms in a transparent manner to the masses, Humber Lottery, promoter of TYLgames decided to collaborate with 9Mobile and MTN to touch as many lives, reinforce the brand’s authenticity, and to deliver its promises.

Founder and CEO of Humber Lottery, Mr. Andrew Humber-Osofisan, while speaking on the initiative, said: “TYLgames is committed to ensuring that people play responsibly and that they are rewarded accordingly.”

He also stated that, “TYLgames is much more than a gaming platform. It’s a way to distribute wealth, mitigate individuals’ daily cash-flow issues, and address some of the societal issues plaguing the masses.”

Also, Acting Director of Marketing 9mobile Mr. Olayiwola Onafowokan said, “TYLgames will address a problem plaguing the Nigerian gaming industry.”