Zedcrest Investment Managers Facilitates Wealth Creation for Investors


By Goddy Egene

A Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) licensed and regulated assets management company in Nigeria, (Zedcrest Investment Managers) is set to make investing stress-free for Nigerians through its self-service wealth management platform, known as Zimvest.

It is a digitally-enabled wealth management system that seamlessly allows users to invest their money in a basket of diversified fixed-income backed portfolio.

Speaking on the development, the Group Managing Director of Zedcrest, Adedayo Amzat, said: “The Zimvest platform was built with the user in mind, it provides artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools to analyse a client’s investment personality, risk tolerance, investment horizon and net worth, while ensuring that individual or corporate users’ are served the right investment products to suitably meet their financial goals.”

Amzat explained that added that these are special situations that require special measures.

“It is glaring that our current reality is a time of discouraging rates being offered on traditional investing options. The ludicrous interest rate offered on savings deposits (1.25 per entp.a.) and increased concern of the Naira’s ability to hold on to value makes investing tiring. Zimvest realizes the increasing need for more low-risk investment options which have the much desired capital preservation feature and encouraging rates,” he said.

Also speaking, the Product Marketing, Innovation and Growth Manager of Zimvest, Idris Oladipo, said Zimvest is determined to revolutionise the wealth management experience of Africans in the growing digital landscape.

“We aim to be the choice digital asset management company in Africa – enabling clients to grow wealth by offering best-in-market rate and beating currency risks through multicurrency investments and innovation-driven processes,” he added.

According to him, Zimvest boasts of investment product offerings that reflect an understanding of current investment needs, the developing market landscape and growing market opportunities.

“The journey to wealth creation should rather be painless and gratifying, a mandate Zimvest promises its growing customer base,” Oladipo said.

The company disclosed that the Zimvest is leveraging the consummate expertise of the renowned Zedcrest Group in global financial services market evidenced by the leadership position of its brokerage business, Zedcap Partners, which was honoured with the “Best Brokerage Service” award at the 2019 FMDQ G.O.L.D. Awards.

Zedcrest was founded in 2013 as a securities trading firm with specific focus on fixed income trading. The firm said it is committed itself into making the best possible deals happen for foreign investors, pension funds, asset managers and institutions.