Be Careful and Protect Others


The disqualification of Novak Djokovic from the US Open, for hitting a line umpire with the ball is symbolic of a number of the problems the world faces. It was a simple act of frustration and a lack of self-control that led to someone being hurt, although fortunately not seriously, and it is obvious that there was no intention to cause any harm. His apology included a realization that he needed to consider his actions more carefully.

The point about this is that it is becoming a common approach around the world in relation to the COVID pandemic. There are too many people doing whatever they feel like and it is not only hurting people but killing them. Those that refuse to wear a mask, even when it is required by law, would surely not want to kill anyone but that can happen. A heavy financial cost for Djokovic for a mistake in a tennis match does not compare to the cost of the death of people when an unmasked person spreads the pandemic.

We all need to show the maturity and try to protect everyone by fighting this horrible disease in every way possible.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia