In New Book, Bello-Osagie Preaches Godly Parenting

Ramotu Bello-Osagie

As the world grapples with uncertainties caused by COVID-19, Ramotu Bello-Osagie, a Nigerian author based in the United States, is offering hope in her new book ‘Wake Up, Nations’. The spiritual book is part memoir, part spirituality.

As the title suggests, the book serves as a wake-up call to parents and nations to seek the face of the Lord in troubling times like this.

Bello-Osagie takes readers through her journey, describing the strict parenting style of her father who instilled Christian values in her and her siblings from an early age. “My father was a strict disciplinarian. He groomed us to have the fear of the Lord in everything we do from an early age. We were taught how to conduct ourselves in public. Failure to do so will fetch you some spanking,” she says in a recent chat.

This godly parenting is missing in today’s world, according to the author.

“This kind of parenting is lacking today. Parents no longer train their children in the ways of the Lord unlike in the past. My father was very strict with us. I come from a large family but with the way my father trained us, we had a cordial relationship with one another.”

She attributes her success to the good parenting style of her parents, warning that “parents of today need to teach their children godly values from an early age. They need to educate them on the way of the Lord. Let them have that fear of the Lord. They have to point to them that the way of the Lord is the right way so that they don’t deviate from Him when they get older because there are consequences for such actions”.

Bello-Osagie’s personal encounter with the Supreme One can be traced to her 20s. She describes the divine encounter as a momentous time in her life when she sought to understand His mysterious nature.

Her experience, she says, is surreal. On more than one occasion, she discloses that the Lord revealed Himself to her, opening her eyes to things that can only be understood in the spiritual realm. Sometimes it could be in a church, other times at home. Each of these encounters strengthened her faith in Him even when she lost her husband and felt her world collapsing.

In her book, she tells readers about these experiences, reminding them of God’s grace and love and His overall purpose for those who believe in Him.

The author confesses that she had no idea how to write a book when the Lord first told her to do so in 2007. It took her a decade to finally compile her thoughts and transform them into compelling narratives about her journey in the Lord.

The book which is now available on Amazon and other publishing sites is the first book from the author who’s a cousin to the foremost Nigerian businessman, Hakeem Bello-Osagie.