Man Saved from Suicide over Buhari’s Daughter


By Ibrahim Shuaibu

The quick intervention of police yesterday, saved Abba Ahmed from committing suicide for losing his Social Media “love” for Hanan Buhari, daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Abba Ahmed (22 years old), final-year student of Accounting at Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano, was rescued by the intelligence officer of the Nigeria Police whose wise counselling made Abba to turn from committing suicide.

Ahmed who also deals in fabrics and textile materials at the popular Kantin Kwari Textile Market, said he was now ready to begin a new life with a woman she can call his own.

Hanan, on Friday, wedded Muhammad Turad Sha’aban, son of Damburan Zazzau and a former lawmaker, Honourable Sani Sha’aban, in a low-key ceremony.

Abba’s posting had gone viral on his Facebook and Instagram handles, where he vowed to commit suicide if he failed to marry Hanan.

Spokesman of the Nigeria Police Force, Mr. Frank Mba, on getting wind of Abba’s posting, signaled Kano State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Habu Sani, for the immediate invitation of Abba who resides in Kano.

Frank Mba spoke with Abba on phone for about seven minutes, advising him on the need to face better goals in future, than to commit suicide over a phantom marriage, borne out of infatuation, triggered by Social Media blues.

Abba, who regretted his actions after counselling by the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Habu Sani, also expressed his intention to join the police and serve his country, patriotically.

The promising young man regretted his actions after counselling by the state CP, Sani, also expressed his intention to join the police and serve his country, patriotically.

Denouncing his actions, Abba said he was moved to join the Nigeria Police Force, following the way he was counseled by Mr. Frank Mba and Kano State Commissioner of Police.

“I am impressed by the way Mr. Frank Mba spoke to me. I also became very sober when the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Habu Sani counselled me and urged me to desist from such thinking. The Chief Imam of the Police Command also admonished me.

“I have denounced my earlier intention. I will no longer commit suicide. I will respect myself and wait for a woman I can call my own wife. I love my life now; and I want to live and fulfil my life ambition.”

When asked what attracted him to Hanan Buhari, Abba said, “I loved Hanan because of her beautiful face. I admired her because of the integrity of her father (President Buhari). I also loved her because of the level of her education.”

Abba said he actually made efforts to contact Hanan and her parents through Social Media, where he severally expressed his intention towards her, “but I don’t think she knew I loved her. I tried to inform her, I do not think the message reached her. I also tried sending messages to President Buhari through Social Media, I do not think he actually got the message.”

He wished Hanan Buhari and her newly wedded husband a happy married life, while urging Nigerian youths to invest their time on better things, rather than surfing the Social Media for reasons that were irresponsible.

Mr. Abba’s father, a Kano-based successful businessman, died in 2013, leaving behind 23 children and two wives.

On his mother’s side, they are only five, but live in peace and harmony with their half-sisters and half-brothers from the step-mother’s side.